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Interior House Painting Services

Walls, ceilings and doors each require a different paint and technique. At TownConnect, we’re the painters that proudly provide quality painting services to give each process the care and attention it deserves. Our expert interior painting services assist you to select and interior paint ideal for your space.
  • Cover all internal surfaces, walls, ceilings, doors, architraves, windows
  • Breathe new life into bathroom with Bath resurfacing
  • Install new finish with Tiles Resurfacing
  • Mask off with Old Aluminium Electrostatic Painting
  • Spruce your space with Energy Efficient Coating
  • Determine the best with Lead Paint Removals/ Encapsulation
Interior House Painting
Wood Painting

Wooden Surfaces/Opaque Finishes

Paint adheres better to a fine sawn surface than to a planed surface. And the choice of the best treatment depends on the desired functionality and the look of end result. At, TownConnect our experts have excellent skills to adhere and minimize the need for the lengthy preparation and priming the wooden surfaces.

If you’re feeling brave, we could even use opaque finish to create striking looks across different sections on the surface of the wood to provide long lasting protection. With professional approach and strict attention to detail, we at TownConnect take pride in our high standard of workmanship by providing only the highest quality painting services.

Wood Polishing

Whether you choose a wooden surface/opaque finish is largely a matter of taste. At if your home is in need of wood rot repairs, our specialist team has the solution.

Untreated wood rot can lead to bad leakages and unsightly structural damage, ruining the appearance of your home as well as compromising its strength. Here at TownConnect, we don’t just paint over wood rot. We tackle the problem head-on to save you money, time and future problems.

As an all-in-one painting, decorating and wood rot repair service, our team complete all work on-site, meaning you only need to call one company to take care of all your needs.

Wooden Floor Polishing

The best polish services right across for the best finish.

One of the best things about wood flooring is that you can keep it looking great for lifetime with relatively little effort. And, polishing wood flooring to protect the wood and add an appealing shine is at its best with TownConnect.

We provide quality wooden flooring services with professional workmanship and services at an affordable rate. With years of experience and numerous satisfied customers across we have proven to be reputable company that will sand and polish your floor to perfection.

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